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 10th March 2022

A morning on the beach. Since it was a low tide morning.

Started with the thickets and scrub near 4th Seaward Road.  A hoopoe dug furiously in the soft sand, picking up breakfast.  Flew as I approached, only to be chased by a crow for some reason.

A couple of Plain Prinias flitted through the Calatropis, and I watched them move up and down the branch, before zooming off to the next one.  I admired their beautiful white brows, pink legs and longish tail.  Among them was a Tailorbird, a little stockier, and calling loudly.   Soon the Prinias went one way and the Tailorbird another way.

A Cattle Egret moved in slow motion among the grasses.  

I moved on the the water front, and was horrified by what I saw.

The sea had just deposited piles of waste - I had never seen anything like this.

Just piles of waste - cloth, plastic, slippers, bottles, medicine strips....a veritable tsunami of garbage.

And then suddenly - a broom, a pile of waste...hmm?

Walk a few more steps, more brooms and more signs of a clean-up, and I spied the Urbaser crew!

Hats off to the team who were methodically raking and collecting the waste, and removing them in large bags. We exchanged cheery hellos, and I thanked them for their efforts.

And this was what the beach sands looked like after they were done!  

What a joy and delight!

Today's beach combing

A Torpedo Ray(!!), Tower shells, Razor clam shells... 

Wedge clams a plenty

Sunset siliqua and Towers

White Hammer Oyster and other unknowns

And this strange piece of bone...Mammalian?  

Back on to the road, down to Sparrow Point where I was rewarded with a flock of 20 House Sparrows, chirping and arguing.  A sudden commotion from one of the homes along the wall, a man brandishing a stick and chasing a cat, that was super frisky and obviously had something in its mouth - a live squirrel!  The cat won its catch, as it escaped the man's stick.

Another Urbaser crew cleaning the beach roads.  

A line of two wheelers in queue, performing figures of eight as the RTO Inspector looked on.

Back home, hungry, and I did enjoy those dosais and coffee!


  1. Lovely beach combing, someday will join you..
    Respect and gratitude for urbaser


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