Monday, December 1, 2014

Familiar fauna

Maramallis dripping their white fragrance. At home and here in Abu Dhabi.

Little brown doves on the pavement, sparrows in the bushes, sandy beaches and Indians on the streets.

All familiar, in an unfamiliar landscape.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Chasing Ice"

Published on Dec 14, 2012
On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide. The height of the ice is about 3,000 feet, 300-400 feet above water and the rest 
below water.

The Blackbucks at GNP and Tal Chappar

My good naturalist friend Bhanu was at Taal Chappar, Rajasthan recently, and as I plan to go there in January, I have been following her closely!

These pictures below were just so magical, that I had to share them here, so I can revisit them whenever I want to.  It looked like a scene from some fantasy movie with a pair of mythical creatures,  and if I blinked they would be gone.

These are the beautiful blackbucks that the Bishnoi protect and why not. 
These were larger and with more widespread horns than the ones I had seen at GNP, and Bhanu informed me that the two were different subspecies.

North-western Blackbuck - subspecies (Antilope cervicapra rajputanae) found in northern India, from Rajasthan upto Punjab.
South-eastern Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra cervicapra).

I look forward to seeing these beautiful creatures on the lovely grasslands of Tal Chappar. Thank you Bhanu!

The Indian roller

Coracias benghalensis - Photo by Mr Ramanan

A bird I never tire of seeing.  Its brilliant blue colourations even more striking in flight, with colours that would do a Kancheepuram silk weaver proud!