Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pongal at Point Calimere - a photo summary

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Prawn fisherman, salt pans
Mud flats

Feral horses

The British lighthouse - still works
The ruined Chola lighthouse

Glorious Glory lilies

Crab kolams

Mangroves at Muthupet lagoon

Avicennia marina (I think)

The boat jetty leading to the broken board walk

Our local restaurant
Proprietor Ramar

Ghostrider in the making

A hermit crab says hello
Orange sunrise

Golden sunset
More details to follow!

Continues here.


  1. cool kolams and the sunrise

  2. Thanks all...more coming up soon!

  3. Where do you stay here if you go there over night?

  4. The crab kolam is stunning.
    A lovely place and good pictures.

  5. Trails of a traveler, yes it is a very interesting kind of place, and I will cover the many terrains in individual posts, as and when I get down to it!

    Gfromgoa, we stayed at the forest rest house - I just wrote a post on it - http://madraswanderer.blogspot.com/2012/01/pongal-at-pt-calimere-kodikarai.html

    Yes Vetrimagal, I wish I had taken more crab kolam pictures - they were amazing!

  6. I had to look up point Calimere as I hadn't heard of the place before. Lovely pictures!

  7. great photos...you are lucky...i have been trying to go to this remote place for years together...but i could not get proper time... they need to raise at-least one or two private accommodations..(hotels) ...this place , seems , to have good tourism potential....thanks again...